How to ask for her number online dating dating websites for older african americans

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Why wait 2-3 days wondering if she will ever call?? think about it if you want to increase you bottom line! (From a former, highly successful VP of North American Sales for a large corporation.) It might work for a used car salesman.

Messaging seems slow, and it ties me down to the computer. I always ask when my fingers start to ache on the key board just explain the pain in your fingers then say to them can we speak on the phone here's my number but if your nervous to ring me send me your number & i'll call you, on every occasion I've always got their number " am I a smoothy or what " don't answer that one cheers.

Act like it's no big deal like "hey text me at #####." If they are actually interested or worth your time they will respond! Now someone I am interested in, attracted to mentally, sexually's just a shit form of communication. Contact over email tends to keep a neutral comfort zone until you have actually met. If a man waited longer, then other women will think that he's not that interested in her. Always wait until after you have met them in person, then if things go well that is the appropriate time to ask for her phone number.

I think either they are lazy, or really have no desire to talk to you for anything. I will usually ask for a woman's number or ask her out after 3-5 emails each way. Contact over email tends to keep a neutral comfort zone until you have actually met. Having a phone conversation prior to a date / meetingisn't mandatory.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Probably a third of the women ask for my number first.

I've had conversations where i've asked for the girls number after about 4 messages, which just killed it off. The key is making a connection in 4 or 5 SOLID messages so they are comfortable with you. They write short boring messages as if they were text messaging someone.

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As cowboy said, if they aren't serious about meeting, no sense in wasting time. The ones who need to be endlessly romanced and need weeks of emailing before meeting will likely be a handful, hard to please, or otherwise flaky in person.

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